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Fantastic news!  We accept blog posts from authors with experience in the beauty and fashion industry or highly experienced DIY beauty bloggers. We are pretty picky with the content we post, but we are also very reasonable. We accept articles on numerous topics including skincare, hair, nails and makeup, fashion and D.I.Y.


Articles must be at least 500 words long and up to 1,000 words long depending on the topic. Your grammar must be at a proficient level and have an articulated flow. You are free to use your own personal voice or a more factual based voice depending on what works best for you. We urge you to be creative and have fun when you are contributing to Fairejeune.com. We also highly prefer that you attach photos with your articles and in some cases videos are also acceptable. If you are submitting a D.I.Y article, we HIGHLY encourage you to submit your own photos, this will greatly increase the odds of us publishing your article.

Unique Content

All content must be, and we repeat must be, 100% original and un-plagiarized. Trust us, if we decide to publish your article we will make sure the content is unique before posting. So it’s better to not bother submitting plagiarized content because either way it will waste both of our time and not be published.


We DO allow you to link back to your blog or website. Our links are non-follow in order to stay with in Google’s search engine guidelines. Depending on the article you may either place a link in the body or in your author profile. We do require that any bloggers we publish on Faire Jeune must have a author profile and author photo. Your profile mus be one to two sentences long and your photo visible and professional.

Submission Time

We review all articles within 14 days of receiving them. If you do not hear back from us, we have decided not to publish your article. We look forward to receiving your awesome content! Fill out the form below.