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Faire Jeune is a beauty and fashion internet magazine dedicated to providing fantastic, edgy and informative articles on how-to for beauty and style. We also do regular product reviews so our readers can make educated decisions when spending the big dollars on new beauty products. We are made up of several editors and writers that have years of experience in the beauty industry.

Every year we rate the top products in the industry for different categories. We believe in writing articles that help our audience make informed decisions on the best products to buy. Here are our current awards for 2015.

Best Anti-Aging Cream 2015: LifeCell

#1 Lifecell was an easy choice for top ant-aging cream of the year. It’s an all-in-one cream that has given fantastic results to customers around the world. Lifecell offers two benefits that most, if no creams can compete with. First it works for many users almost instantly (we’re talking within minutes) to reduce the appreance of wrinkles. Second, it also works long term to get rid of even deeper wrinkles. You can read the full review by Faire Jeune editor Carol Connors by clicking Here

#2 Runner Up: La Praire Cellular Cream

Although Praire cellular cream is an effective product, it’s still not as effective as Lifecell (overall). It Also has a whopping price of $650 per jar. This cream is still a quality cream and was effective when we used it, but we can’t recommend it for number one at a price like that.

#3 Runner Up 2: Strivectin

Strivectin is another good product but it lacks a lot in the ingredient range. There are a lot more products out there with a higher quantity of anti-aging ingredients. Lifecell contains several more ingredients than Strivectin, and because of this can give quicker and more effective results.

Next Category for 2016: Best Nail Treatments. Stay Tuned!